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Unaccompanied Session Form


Dear Parent/Carer,


You are giving consent to your child participating in Sussex Forest Activity sessions. Our sessions may include, tree climbing, tool and fire work.  This list is not exhaustive.


The sessions will be run by Sam Cross, and staff from Sussex Forest Activities.


Photographs may be taken throughout the sessions.  These are often uploaded to our Facebook page and used for promotions.  We will never publish your child’s name.


Please let us know if you would prefer not to have your child photographed at the start of the session.


You may take photographs of your own child, but please do not post pictures that have other people’s children in them on social media.


It is your responsibility to ensure that Sussex Forest Activities are aware of any additional needs, such as educational, dietary or medical needs.

Please indicate your consent below:

I consent to  

To participate in Sussex Forest Activities Parent Accompanied session.

I agree to the conditions above and confirm that I have read the Covid-19 risk assessment, and that I agree and will comply with its terms.

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